A fireplace is a welcome addition to any home, but improper chimney setup and care can lead to disaster. Platinum Remodeling & Stucco installs protective chimney caps designed to defend your home from animal intruders and fire hazards, as well as decorative chimney shrouds to add curb appeal to your home.

Why is a chimney cap necessary?

A chimney cap is an inexpensive metal insert installed at the end of your chimney, designed to guard the flue against the elements as well as control stray embers flying upwards. Specifically, a properly installed chimney cap offers the following benefits:

  • Keeps animals out. Squirrels, birds and other unwanted critters often seek shelter in the chimney, and sometimes make their way into your home as a result. A chimney cap blocks this entryway.
  • Guards against precipitation and moisture. Unwanted moisture from rain, snow and ice can deteriorate the chimney structure, especially when mixing with the soot. A chimney cap extends the life of your chimney and can save you thousands in repair costs.
  • Improves fire safety. Flying embers landing on the roof from the chimney can increase the risk of house fires. A chimney cap keeps these embers contained.

Chimney shrouds

A chimney shroud is a decorative piece designed to cover the chimney pipe and cap, improving the overall look of your chimney (and by extension, your home’s curb appeal). Chimney shrouds are available in a variety of styles and price points and can be installed along with the chimney cap.

Chimney caps and shrouds should be properly installed by a professional to ensure maximum protection. Platinum Remodeling & Stucco has years of experience with chimney cap and shroud installation. For a free quote, contact us today.

Chimney Videos

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