Along with our conventional stucco installation services, Platinum Remodeling & Stucco offers professional installation, repair, removal, and replacement of EIFS, or synthetic stucco. We can also strengthen existing EIFS with a 3-coat application to replicate hardcoat stucco. This adds an additional layer of protection against the elements and other issues, such as pesky woodpecker holes.

What is EIFS?

EIFS stands for “External Insulating Finish Systems,” a synthetic stucco process consisting of an insulation board attached to the substrate, a reinforced base coat and a textured top coat resembling true stucco. First popularized in Europe as a way to repair buildings damaged in WWII, EIFS is often used today in many homes and businesses as a lighter, more insulated alternative to true stucco. However, the disadvantages of EIFS are that it is difficult to maintain, easily stained and easily damaged if moisture seeps in through cracks due to improper installation. Also, EIFS is prone to pest damage, like woodpecker holes.

What we do

Platinum Remodeling & Stucco offers a variety of options in dealing with damaged EIFS or synthetic stucco, according to the customer’s needs. We can:

  • Repair damaged caused to EIFS by moisture, woodpeckers, and other pests.
  • Strengthen and seal EIFS using a 3-coat system that resembles hardcoat stucco, to protect against future woodpecker holes
  • Completely remove EIFS and replace with a true hardcoat stucco following the same design and texture
  • Remove EIFS and install a completely different stucco application and design, if the customer wishes

With more than 30 years of proven experience, we know how to deliver a customized solution for your damaged or unwanted EIFS synthetic stucco, backed by our commitment to complete customer satisfaction. For a free quote, contact Platinum Remodeling & Stucco today.

EIFS and Synthetic Stucco Videos

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